Workshop of avant-garde performing arts with Butoh

The Japan Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam would like to introduce the Butoh Dance Workshop by artist Butoh Matsuoka Dai within the online program series about Butoh #BUTOHmonths organized… Read more

Freedom of expression and self-expression’s Workshop

Expression is a natural human behavior. From a glance to speaking, singing, clapping, online comments, dressing to sitting in one place can all be meaningful expressions of their own to… Read more

Vietnam Creative & Design Festival on 2021

At this workshop, participants will have closer access than ever before to the “behind the scenes” of Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin – who, how – created the key images… Read more

Main visual design & Application Workshop on August 2021

This is the first design workshop in a series of 02 workshops to share “real combat” experiences in visual identity design and creative applications for contestants participating in the VFCD… Read more

Toy Playing App Workshop: heal and bond the children

When was the last time you “play a toy”? How often do you connect with your playful, playful, and creative inner child? The life of an adult gives us a… Read more

Ikebana Flower Arrangement Workshop on July

Instructor Thanh Tu Ng has been with Ikebana art since 2010, when he first came to Japan to live for a while. In 2017, she returned to Vietnam and with the permission… Read more

16 Common Issues which concerned in Children

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AUTISM – DIAGNOSTICS Autism diagnosis focuses on the child’s behaviors and development. Diagnosis of autism is divided into two stages: 1. Child development: A specialist performs a short test aimed… Read more


HOW DOES A CHILD IN AUTISM BEHAVE The child closes in his world. It’s a bit distorted, but so much that the little kid does not see the need to… Read more


Autism is part of a group of symptoms called withdrawal, which is to be understood as avoiding contact with the outside world – with people and the environment. It is… Read more