Vietnam Creative & Design Festival on 2021

At this workshop, participants will have closer access than ever before to the “behind the scenes” of Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin – who, how – created the key images of the Vietnam Creative & Design Festival. Nam, and not only that, was asked about all of Behalf Studio’s extensive design experience.

Audience: Top 5 contestants of the Vietnam Festival of Creative Desgin Graphic Design Contest 2021: Main Image & Creative Application; all contestants participating in the above contest, graphic design students, young graphic designers; Those who are interested in the design and festival Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin.

Facilitator: Design studio Behalf Studio, the partner who created the “face” of 02 festivals of VFMD 2019 and Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin 2020.


Benefits of the workshop:

– Top 5 contestants will learn from Behalf the creative process of the two festivals and can apply it in their final pitching

– All participants will be “decoded” and asked questions about the impressive main images of the 02 festivals. This will be a very useful opportunity for professional learning.

– The workshop is completely free, you just need to fill out the registration form

The main content of the workshop includes a presentation from Behalf Studio on the process of building the main image for VFMD and Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin, followed by notes on the design process, and the last part includes a question and answer session. freely available to participants.


– Workshop to provide professional support for candidates and participants. This has no impact on the awarding process of the Competition Jury.

– Workshop participants should submit questions first to get priority answers early in the workshop

Notes on attending the workshop:

– Workshop will be on Microsoft Teams Meeting application.

– To minimize technical problems, go online at least 15 minutes early to check in and follow the workshop instructions.

About Vietnam Festival of Created Desgin Graphic Design Contest 2021: Main Image & Creative Application

The graphic design competition for young Vietnamese people organized by the Vietnam Creativity & Design Festival 2021 for the first time has been kicked off, taking place from June 14, 2021 to August 3, 2021. . Deadline for submission of entries: 18.07.21. The contest challenges young contestants from 18 to 30 to define and show an impressive identity for the Vietnam Creative & Design Festival 2021 with the theme “Creative Future”

The contestant/group of contestants who won the first prize of the contest will receive a prize including VND 25,000,000 (twenty five million VND) in prize money, a certificate signed by the head of the Festival Organizing Committee; promoted with the title “Creative Partner” of Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin 2021; and was invited to be a speaker for a public sharing session on design ideas for Vietnam Festival of Creativily Desgin 2021.

About Vietnam Innovation & Design Festival 2021

Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021 (Vietnam Festival of Creative Desgin 2021) is initiated by RMIT Vietnam to create an open and timely interactive platform for creative individuals and organizations to exchange. , interact with thousands of audiences both online and in person.

With the theme “Creative Future”, the key Vietnam Festival of Creative Desgin 2021 program taking place in November 2021 includes cultural heritage tours, seminars/workshops, exhibitions and many activities. Various online discussions about visions, trends, cultural identities and future opportunities for Vietnam’s creative industry.

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