Toy Playing App Workshop: heal and bond the children

When was the last time you “play a toy”?
How often do you connect with your playful, playful, and creative inner child?

The life of an adult gives us a lot of experiences and valuable lessons, but sometimes it is also stressful with the chaos of life and worries about food. That leads to us also losing connection with play, with creativity, with a sense of humor and the ability to “go with the flow”…

“Playing is only for children.”
MAI:tri would like to confirm: Play for both adults and children. We all need to play. Maturity doesn’t mean you should stop playing. On the contrary, play is a way to maturity.

Play is the curiosity that leads us to explore life, to be present in this moment and right here.
– Play is connecting with the layers of the body, is connecting with others in safety.
When you stop playing, you stop exploring, you stop feeling the excitement of life.
– What are the benefits of playing with adults:
1. Play releases endorphins, helps to relax, relieve stress and enhance the operation of the brain.
2. Play encourages creativity, increases flexibility “flow with the flow of life” and ability to solve problems.
3. Playing helps increase self-confidence and broadens human outlook.
4. Play improves relationships with self and others.
5. Play can heal trauma and trauma.
6. Play helps us stay longer and more in the present, increases our ability to focus and nurtures curiosity.

In July, two Community.Care.Circle community events will revolve around the theme of Play in Healing and Connecting, via the Zoom platform.

– Session 1.0 Art Therapy Play Application

Ms. Nguyen Huong Linh (Master of Art Therapy) coordinator will lead us through Art Therapy exercises to connect with the mischievous & creative part of each person.

This session is open to all ages 15+.

– Session 2.0 Using Play Therapy in Improving Parent-Child Interaction

Ms. Tran Tra My (Master of Social Work) will coordinate and share more in-depth about how Play Therapy can improve parent-child interaction.

This session is for parents, teachers, therapists, and people working with children.

When you sign up for 3Cs in July you will receive:
1. Right to attend LIVE via Zoom for both sessions 1.0 and 2.0
2. Replays of both sessions, watched for 1 week
3. Direct interaction with moderators and participants in the circle
4. Practices you can apply yourself in the future.

Zoom link will be sent 1 day before the workshop.

About MAI:tri 3Cs – Community.Care.Circle

These are community sessions organized by MAI:tri online twice a month with a certain theme. We want the knowledge of psychology, mind-body nurturing practices to become accessible in the community, both financially and geographically. Workshop 1.0 will include the sharing of Ms. Nguyen Huong Linh, practicing art to explore the topic. Workshop 2.0 includes sharing of speakers, participants and Q&A.

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