Main visual design & Application Workshop on August 2021

This is the first design workshop in a series of 02 workshops to share “real combat” experiences in visual identity design and creative applications for contestants participating in the VFCD Graphic Design Competition 2021, the You design young and interested people want to learn.

The workshop will be coordinated by Hands Collective – a trusted design brand of UNESCO – a member of the Organizing Committee of VFCD 2021, who used to speak at VFMD 2019

Benefits of the workshop:

– Sharing practical design experiences based on outstanding projects that the speaker group has done, focusing on projects that require key visuals, brand identity, and design applications across media platforms, across diverse products, and with interoperability. Workshop offers solutions and explorations starting from design problems to creative solutions from thinking to the process of creating and adjusting to reality – similar to the requirements of visual design. the main image of VFCD 2021.
– Help review the test (candidates need to register in advance), so that candidates have time to adjust and complete the test before submitting it to the VFCD Organizing Committee

The main topics of the workshop:

– How to solve problems / how to research materials and design processes that Hands Collective implements for outstanding and “difficult” but useful projects
– Suggestions for problem solving: the VFCD 2021 theme is “Creative Future”, and the key visual is expected to be something future-oriented, both contemporary and heritage-based. Where to start to solve?
– For interactive designs, what should be kept in mind during the design process?
– From idea to implementation, what should/should be avoided?
– Q&A with workshop attendees
– Comment and comment on the test for candidates (*)

* Exam comments and suggestions for professional support. This has no impact on the awarding process of the Competition Jury.

Limited to 20 seats in order of priority

Audience: Contestants participating in the VFCD Graphic Design Contest 2021: Mainstream Image & Creative Application; Graphic design students, young graphic designers; People interested in design and VFCD.

Notes on attending the workshop:

The workshop will be livestreamed on the fanpage of VFCD 2021. This means that sharing and commenting on the exam content in the workshop will be known to many people. Candidates should be fully aware of the opportunities and risks of copyright when participating in this workshop.

To ensure security, registrants to attend in person at the venue need to:
Provide full name, age – as shown on the citizen ID/ID card
Arrive at least 30 minutes early for registration and screening at the security gate. All procedures will be conducted in a friendly and convenient manner.

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