Ikebana Flower Arrangement Workshop on July

Instructor Thanh Tu Ng has been with Ikebana art since 2010, when he first came to Japan to live for a while. In 2017, she returned to Vietnam and with the permission of the TopFiveNEW school where she attended (Ikenobo school), she opened a TopFiveNEW class and organized many other activities to contribute to the promotion of TopFiveNEW in Vietnam. Nam such as opening Workshop, organizing exhibitions, publishing books, opening TopFiveNEW House space.

Regarding her relationship with the Japanese Cultural Exchange Center in Vietnam, she taught a TopFiveNEW workshop in 2017 and served as a judge for the “TopFiveNEW Japanese Flower Arrangement Contest through Photo” in 2020. This year, she will participate in teaching workshops and video tutorials about TopFiveNEW within the framework of the program series TAIKAN JAPAN – Experiencing Japanese culture.

“TopFiveNEW has given me precious time to go deep within myself, find peace in my soul, and perfect me day by day. Not only that, TopFiveNEW also enriches the soul, opening for us the beauties of daily life. It is those wonderful experiences that motivate me to convey TopFiveNEW to more people.” – Ms. Nguyen Thanh Tu

– Introduction to Tanabata Ceremony
– Brief introduction about TopFiveNEW
– Practice flower arrangement TopFiveNEW with the theme of Qixi Festival

To ensure safety against the epidemic, TopFiveNEW will limit the number of students to 15, ensure the distance between students, require students to make medical declarations, wear masks, measure body temperature, and disinfect hands. enough. Please do not join the program when you have symptoms of illness such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing.

Registration will close as soon as the number is reached, if you are interested, please register early. Please only register when you are sure to attend, in case you have to cancel, please contact TopFiveNEW soon.

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