Freedom of expression and self-expression’s Workshop

Expression is a natural human behavior. From a glance to speaking, singing, clapping, online comments, dressing to sitting in one place can all be meaningful expressions of their own to express thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. mine. Freedom of expression includes freedom to seek, access and share information in any form.

However, have you ever been reminded that not to express this, not to share that, such expression is not in accordance with “social norms”? Have you ever been worried about fake news, outraged by harsh and violent comments, or afraid of being punished by the crowd for speaking out differently?

The course “Freedom of Expression: Self-expression” was born with the desire to help you manage your own expression in an understanding, tolerant and kind way.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who thinks he or she wants to learn about freedom of expression. Students who lack a voice in their families and schools, mothers and fathers who want to communicate effectively and respect the voices of family members, and residents who want to expand and build a space to express themselves. reached peacefully and kindly. This course is for you.

What is the goal of the course?

1. Learners have basic knowledge of freedom of expression and the ability to analyze life events and social issues through the lens of human rights.
2. Learners identify fake news, hate speech and barriers to free expression practice.
3 Applied learners protect freedom of expression for themselves and those around them.

What to learn from this course?

You will constantly be challenged and learn from the participants not only about knowledge and experience but also skills such as:
1. Active attitude in practicing, protecting and taking care of the freedom of expression of oneself and of the community.
2. Skills to analyze problems in life from the perspective of freedom of expression.
3. Assess information, listen attentively, respect different opinions and perspectives, distinguish between fact and opinion, and finally practice equity and diversity of views.
4. Learn about the state’s responsibility to protect freedom of expression and respond appropriately in the face of fake news or hate speech.
5. Non-violent communication: understand conflict, and listen and interact better with yourself and those around you.
The values ​​of freedom, equality, tolerance and its presence in life.
The value of the course also stems from your valuable experience sharing. We believe that everyone has stories that need to be heard.

Structure and duration of the course

The course content is held in 4 weeks (June 19 – July 18, 2021):
– 1st Week : Understanding freedom of expression and the relationship between freedom of expression and other freedoms
– 2nd Week: The limits of freedom of expression
– Third week Hate speech and fake news
– 4th Week : Defending freedom of expression & Introducing nonviolent communication

Main activities:

– Google Class Class: Students will actively read and do their individual exercises every week on Google Classroom
– 04 online discussion sessions: exchange with professional/practical guests on Freedom of Expression every Saturday afternoon from 13.00 – 16.00, Vietnam time
– Practice at the end of the course: debate topics related to freedom of expression
– Requirements for students: Attend at least 3/4 of online discussions; Do the full exercises on Google Class, and complete the practical exercises at the end of the course.

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