Today, I have a little problem with iCloud account so I called to Apple support switchboard and also shared this on the subtle Group. Therefore, I realized that many of you have ignored or forgotten or even never knew that Apple has a switchboard to support Vietnamese. So, I will repeat a bit about this switchboard in today’s post.

First, there are 2 ways you can contact Apple. First, you can call directly to switchboard 18001127 and follow the instructions to select the product line that you are having problems, this guide is completely in Vietnamese. This switchboard works from 9:00 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday and is completely free of charge. : cool :. (Who told Apple to suck blood again, how many support switchboards I found had little charge). Also, it seems that outside of this time frame, they will directly transfer to Apple support staff in other countries – different time zones and still active or only Vietnamese staff leave after 18:00. So, you can still call but the staff will speak English.
Secondly, you can directly visit the Apple Support Website here, select the product line you are using, the problem you have and choose to email / chat or leave information for Apple to call. You can ask them to call right away or schedule a call if you are busy. (If outside of Apple working hours, just schedule it.) If asked to call immediately, just 2 minutes later, a phone number from Singapore will call you – that’s the support from Apple. Initially, when the device was started, there would be a whole English guide. If you don’t understand anything and accidentally hang up, don’t worry! They will call back and use Vietnamese directly to support you quickly. Even if you don’t hear the phone right away, a few minutes away, they will continue to call to support you, not to leave it alone.

This Vietnamese call center has been around for quite some time. However, these Vietnamese-speaking staff are mostly (or mostly) foreigners who speak Vietnamese. At the time of publication, I used to test it and had to say it slowly so that they could understand and answer. However, up to now, this team has improved a lot. I speak at a normal pace and have a long string but they can still hear and understand the problem. In addition, the support staff can also view your screen if you allow for better support. (like teamview) While making a call, they are very patient and gentle to listen or wait for you. And if you accidentally end the call, you don’t need to worry, they will call you back soon.

In short, if you have any problems with your Apple device, instead of asking Goong, you can safely call this switchboard to be resolved, especially those related to Apple accounts. ID, iCloud that wait forever for no feedback mail. (I heard some people complaining about this)

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