Yandex – a great tool to explore human shopping behavior

Unlike website traffic monitoring tools like Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, Metrica Yandex will help you record the most detailed behavior of users when visiting the website such as where they click on the article, they stop to see the article for how long, more importantly it is completely free.

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia, not Google. So website managers are also provided with a system to analyze user behavior called Yandex Metrica (similar to google analytics on google). In this tool, there is a great feature that allows us to see the link map, click map, scroll map and especially can record videos of user behavior on the website. Another great point is that it’s FREE ^^

From tracking user behavior through Metrica Yandex, you can know what customers are doing on your website and devise appropriate strategies that are appropriate for your audience as well as your readers.

There are 3 ways to paste Metrica Yandex on the website:

Paste the code directly onto the website (this will increase the page load time if you have too many tracking code on the website)
This one’s not fluent, nor recommended if not a coder
Install through Google Tag Manager (this will minimize the page loading speed for your website)

This is the admin panel of Metrica Yandex after you complete the installation of the tracking code, there is currently no data because it has just been installed. I will update the features and uses after having the data.

What is heatmap and session replay?
Before going into the tutorial, people need to understand what is heatmap and session replay?

Heatmap: The heat map is on the wesbite, which helps us know when users visit websites most often, or where to scroll the mouse (see the example below). In the world, there are many tools to do this but the cost is usually quite high such as crazyegg, mouse flow …

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