Have you ever noticed that:

60 is the serial number of itunes gift card derived from the Australian market.

XM and XX codes (the first two characters of the code). Gift Itunes always starts with X, XM …, XX …, XNUMBER …

XX genuine type is usually
Code XX is really hard to disable. The account usually has 2 heads. XXWM (sold by Walmart.com), and XXBB (sold by Bestbuy.com), only code. (Common par value is $ 15, $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100)
The cheaper, easy-to-account account is XM (today it divides more code: XM, XJ, XP, XN, Xnumber ,,,,, and also XX). and denominations are always $ 10, $ 20, $ 30, $ 40 and $ 50. There is no $ 100 type.

The thing to note here is
XX is really hard Disabled account (it is hard here to be locked into an extremely low account, not without): common is XXWM and XXBB. in denominations of $ 15, $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100
XX often, similar to XM: par value is always even and never carries two heads XXBB and XXWM.

Anyone who buys to recharge in-app should choose a cheap one.

Whoever buys to buy the app should choose XXWM or XXBB.

The usual way people sell cheap for you Gift card?

Because people have Refund or will refund the gift, the refund process, please be prepared:
02 previous and next photos of the gift
Bill buys
Serial number of the card.

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