A typical Case study of scammer prevention art

Don’t give your partner a deal with ICQ, Wechat, FAce or something like that on Paxful


Paxful does not receive any fees directly from buyers when they buy Bitcoin. However, the buyer will be charged according to the seller’s decision; This rate may vary greatly depending on the payment method being used. These fees can be quite high, especially for appropriate payment methods such as gift cards.

People who sell Bitcoin on Paxful will be charged 1%. There is also a small fee called ‘mining fee’ when Bitcoin is sent from one address to another – the seller will also pay. User information is transparent and others may leave positive or negative feedback with additional comments – all will be displayed on your profile.

Some people without money have used Purse.io to get bitcoin with the Amazon credit they earn through Amazon Turks, who pay with iTunes gift cards have to pay for their coins. Accepting gift cards in the form of payments will allow traders to earn rates that do not appear in regular fiat payment, while at the same time it also allows those “who are not supported by the bank.” “Get encryption.

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