Process of raising an AMZ trustly account

Note: The article is completely based on the experience and personal views of Trung handsome, not the absolute 100% method. Anybody who said there is 100%, just kick it.

1. Prepare VMW virtual machine with Win 7 installed (I often succeed with win 7, its ability is weak, requires less location with miscellaneous). In that operating system, preinstalled TMAC, Chrome browser.

Clone that machine available, so that after you have to install it much, remember to clone full, don’t be lazy and clone the snapshot style …

2. Prepare the 3G USB type I used to use is the ancient hybrid hi Mf190 orange, please of some brothers. Personally, I would like to get 10, then I will miss 3, give 3 hours and 4 children (don’t ask me any more).

Sim 4G I used to use Vinaphone, understand Vietel all the students or how to do MMO clearly, the ip I consider is boring.

3. Create direct mail on it always đc, this or spread, there is always a new gmail child, this Gmail is very much used, I am finished from the army it reg reg very well, after spending Refund google play smoothly.

4. Create acc Amz, buy some junk, the way I usually buy it is Buy 1-5 dollars straight Gift with my real card, then use that to check out some miscellaneous items.
After a lot of interaction, processes, registration of Prime packages, sneaky types, Add wishlist, shopping cart to it, real interaction type.

Enjoy after a few small successful singles, we start using Gift.

Remember this, always disable the main network line of the computer, and the virtual machine always turns on 3G usb to change Ip every time conect to the new virtual machine.

In the process of making it will be a lot of experience, hope you do it, and if you have many methods or can inbox communicate with you.

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