Multil Buyer Acount for AMZ

Hi everyone, I am going to stop running the Workshop today to write a post about Multil Buyer Acount Amazon.

I just wrote about Buyer, used to buy goods.

The article is based on my personal experience and perspective, after many years of working with Amz.

Among you, maybe 95% have ever had trouble creating acc AMZ, those of us, the first days of making accs are very easy. Then, you will encounter extremely big obstacles, if you create Acc is Accident, then go to Prime for a few days, then supense Prime leads to verify acc that we often call die acc.

This job, a huge impact on our work, the gift is lost, the order is canceled, the customer is very excited to call the name (for those who are droppingship from AMZ to Ebay).

At some point you feel helpless, you feel desperate, then you hear somewhere there are people who are teaching courses …. then you pursue the course, finally you realize you’ve wasted the money to pursue that course.

I begin got to know AMZ late, from 2015 but until 2017 when I accidentally read the news that AMZ bought Whole Foods Market Inc, I really paid attention and started working on AMZ.

During the process of working and finding out, I verified that I could not count the number of times, lost the number of relatively good gifts for AMZ, chat support, calling, so that the support was not timely, I also knew what they were going to say .

I also met many people, cafe, workshop, discussing how to create multil acc without die …

The result is: No and I think there is no way 100% satisfied with you.

I met friends who thought simple, and they also succeeded to some degree in conquering amz. They even just don’t need fake ip, just use Coc Coc, create a user, then set up acc amazon, activate prime and add gift to use when …. die acc alone.

I also met countless pro, used multilogin, coded myself software to support acc, fake sock5, ssh private, lumanti resident, smart proxy …. and they also succeeded in their work.

Even before writing this article, I had a tutorial to create acc with VMware and 4G … and also received many conflicting comments, people told me to go to VMW, people told me to use 2 years now. still fine.

Most recently, in the classroom I taught on the 27th of July, there were students who confided that I had an acc for 5 years but not yet …. using my credit card, using both gift and card.

For many reasons and real-life situations, the real thing, I came to a conclusion, they haven’t scanned, they haven’t activated the system to touch your account, so you still work and have fun with it, I or jokingly saying that making mmo must be handsome, this is sometimes true when explaining many issues that we have not been explicitly told. Read here, you must be bewildered and ask questions, so ridiculous, what is this guy talking about? No problem, in part 2 I will help you more clearly in the mechanism of activating amazon’s security system, or is it better to use gift ECode or AQ ?.

All by my personal experience, part 2 will be available soon, now I will pay the application to you guys.
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