Q & A for PAXFUL part 1

I traded with a partner selling gift on Paxful, they opened a transaction worth $ 50 but in fact I received gift and redeem, the gift was $ 10.
I was constantly urged by them to transfer money, using threatening words to make me rush to release.
What should I do?
Answer: – Calm Dow Sir. your gift value $ 10, i checked.
Nếu bạn muốn thiết lập, hãy gỡ bỏ này không thể đặt, i sẽ mở một new trade $ 10.
Hãy thêm gift again, và i sẽ thựcese bitcoin.
Temporarily translate: You calm down, cancel this transaction, I’ll pay you $ 10 for the following transaction, but remember to back up the gift.
Remember, call Mod in with the red button to the left of the corner under the conversation.
Good luck.
Photos of 1 Mod participate in the refund of $ 10 for partners.

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