PROXY, the term is not strange

The other day I discussed about selling management tools using alot of  amz account as well as ebay, estacy …etc and now then I come back here. I hope tomorrow I will sell tools for 100$ / slot. min 5 people open sale, up to 10 people to ensure no break. I will choose 5-10 people to dial random numbers for sale, maybe +1 slot for charity. This tool used to be the heart of your party, now it’s ok. tools are rebuilt on the firefox portable has custum source plugin to random parameters, relatively deep intervention. Included with the custom browser set is the system management tools including the system of backup, restore, and creation of used profiles. Tools are being rewritten to separate from the system, so some functions will be updated, tools may be updated with other customizations. Tools tomorrow will lack some features but will be updated very quickly, can be backed up to the system, or foder of the optional machine. This tool is similar to multilogin version, similar operation (multilogin is previously shared software). My writing looks not good but hope you understand it

There are many doctors asking whether to use 911re, luminati. Newly, you read the article below.

1. Two types of basic Proxy

a) HTTP Proxy Server
This is the simplest type of server for web surfing. All it can do is redirect web traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) from the client (your browser) to the host (the server hosting the website you want to access), cover effectively hide your IP as a source of web traffic.


Because these servers only handle HTTP requests, they are faster than free VPN services or SOCKS proxy servers.
Many of the free proxy services available to make free proxy servers open are a cost-effective option for simple anonymous web browser purposes.

No traffic is encrypted.
Only limited to web traffic.
Free web proxies can bring great security threats for extremely poor security reasons.
When should I use HTTP Proxy Server?

If a particular website is blocked or unavailable in your country (for technical reasons) through your Internet service provider, an HTTP proxy server can give you temporary access ( Although slow and insecure) go to the above sites.

The difference between Proxy and VPN
b) Proxy SOCKS server
SOCKS is a Proxy server with a higher level of security than HTTP, and these servers can also access services other than web browsing. SOCKS has 2 types are Socks 4 and 5. Socks Socks 5 higher security Socks 4.


Support unused traffic HTTP protocols such as SMTP, FTP and Torrent.

There are security issues like web proxy servers.
There is a slower speed than HTTP proxy servers (web).
When should I use a SOCKS proxy server?

If your need is simply to access Vietnamese IP blocking sites, you only need to use Proxy as you can already enter, now you should choose Proxy rather than SOCKS because usually Proxy is higher speed than SOCKS.

Often, virtual money professionals will use SOCKS due to their personal information, so they need high security, especially SOCKS 5. If you know how to choose SOCKS, you can still access the Internet. with acceptable speed.

2. Other Proxy Proxy like
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not just about “pipes”, but also has encryption tunnels with security and professional security features that not only help hide your IP address. With the VPN client on your device connecting to the VPN server, all your traffic will be encrypted at different levels of complexity and security.

The difference between Proxy and VPN
Unlike Proxy which only apply at browser level and security hole, VPN applies to computer system with extremely high security.


Security and connection protection are completely encrypted.
Flexible and reliable.

You have to pay to be able to use the full functionality and reliability.
Free service may be slow.
When should I use a VPN service?

If you want to find a reliable online privacy and anonymity tool, a VPN service will be the best option for you. Although this is a paid service, it will definitely make you satisfied.

Online anonymity services such as Proxy and VPN are essential in a world full of Internet pitfalls. If the information is important and requires absolute security, please use VPN because it is a costly service, quite expensive if used for a long time, but the benefit it brings is great. If you just need to entertain or fool events in the game to uncover more gifts, just using Proxy Server is okay. Good luck.

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