Some of Paxful’s features, Please do not trading outside the ESCROW

Here are some of Paxful’s features:

– Buy online bitcoin: Paxful allows people to buy bitcoins from other users in real time. Transactions take place online through live chat.
– Sell Bitcoin: Suppliers “can earn profits with 6 numbers”.
– Transaction with Secure Escrow: Bitcoin will be issued to the wallet after payment is made and verified by the seller.
– Build your reputation: Paxful has built up a feedback system and reputation based on the advice of “the best traders”.
– Get free wallet: Paxful has a simple online wallet.
– Earn passive income: Paxful has an affiliate program, where you can earn passive income by referring people to the platform through your link. In addition, Paxful also has a “Bitcoin Virtual Kiosk” program, where you can set up a virtual kiosk on your website, then make money through transactions that users make through kiosks. there. You can also add the “Buy Bitcoin” button on your site to earn 2% each time a user purchases the item, click that button.

List websites for free bitcoin now appear quite a bit, but the feasibility is not yet verified, but besides the free bitcoin list,
You should actively learn ways to earn bitcoin from seniors to gain experience.

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