How to protect your Checkout account during scans

I will come back to share how to fight with ebay later in the account “massacre”.

After receiving checkouts and talking to customers, I found that most people who do dropship now have a way of playing from AMZ to Ebay with a fairly simple way of “EATING THE PRICE”.

This way of playing is very popular before because AMZ is quite comfortable in checkout. There are customers who give their application for a value of more than 100 but still have a ship rate guarantee like this, then they will lose or have no interest. This is an extremely dangerous way of playing in the current context because whenever you can suffer from your financial deficit, you can sell for several K months but the interest is not visible.

I would like to let the ax through the eyes of the workers suggest a way to play:

Since the old days, they had a choice of rice, so my way of playing was quite simple based on the following factors.

. Capital: Strong for rice because money of different people will play differently. Funding also helps you make product list decisions and take different risks (Risk of oder, limit paypal risks)

2. Check out: Depending on understanding and checkingout skills of each person, there will be different item list strategies. In my opinion, this is a vital factor in forming the way to play now. I will temporarily split the different prices so that the player can choose items;

– From 1 to 30: This is the easiest checkout price for players. Most players will choose this price range to list itesm. Capital is not much less when it is limited paypal and check the easiest so you can check. The disadvantage of the price range is that the competition is very high and the profit is low, so if you do not check carefully, it is very easy to do it

Selling strategy rate

– From 30 to 70: This is the price range that requires minimum capital and a certain understanding of checkout. In this price range, competition will be reduced but in return, the check and understanding skills must be quite rich. (You are weak, most people come to checkout service)

Strategy: Sell not eat rate

– From 70 to 199: This is a high-end segment requiring strong financial resources. This price range is almost less competitive but in return the checkout skill must be really strong. If you are not confident, you can ask for a checkout service

Strategy: Sell and stick

Note: In the current context with the MC011 and constantly being acc scanned, giving clear play strategies will help you confidently work. Don’t look at the amount of sales and sales you need to sell like others. Want to sell something based on your skills and potential.

The green forest is still worried about the lack of firewood.

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