FAQ related to buying and selling AMZ with Gift Cards

First of all, I would like to thank some of you who have asked questions, are very profound and many people do not know. I would like to answer based on my understanding.
1. In the past, there were usually two types of AQ and AS that were distinguished as Gift physical (some physical cards), some of them used to call them a gift picture, which meant the seller took pictures. And the rest is gift code, which is sent by mail, send from AMZ, or send from third pages, including the purchase or sale page (offer). Type with bill and no bill is actually buying and selling goods must have bill, is the general law of the world and Vietnam or the US is no exception, the bill here also represents the physical bill, or electricity bill death (nowadays, we have also issued electronic invoices, like our area at Vin Group, always issue electronic invoices). The difference is how to buy and sell, where to buy, how to issue invoices. Today, even AQ, AS are also released in ecode format. There should be a photoshop gift to fake into physical phenomenon. (This is a listener ad sharing). I have never met.

2. As for bill, as I said, there is a bill of pos that you swipe, or pay cash, you will see that bill is paid by credit or by cash. Popular stores in the US are Walmart, Vons, Safeway, … CVS Pharmacy and Caremark Rx stores are now merged into CVS Caremark.- this is the bill you see where buyers buy? .
3. When buying at Paxful, you can only order up to 3 requests, so you are leaving 1 condition. The invoice will upload an example for you to look at, it is similar to you going to the supermarket, swiping a card or being cashed by a pos machine that prints out an invoice with a supermarket logo
4. Term “Mark as paid” is the seller of the marked gift who has completed the gift delivery, and this mark is to ensure the rights of the gift seller, if the transaction period expires, there will be a dispute and not the termination of the bitcoin. About the seller wallet.
5. What is Paxful locked for? If you intentionally make a mistake (transaction outside escrow, verify identity with fake papers, then paxful will not refund, this is a violation of Paxful’s policy), but if it is ref I will support it all Possible level, Paxful has a Vip support line for themselves and downline.
6. Buying via a offer, or buying gift suppliers, is essentially different, the price is different, and the psychology of buying and selling. When you are mentally stable, you have a deposit, the scam trading victory will be more simple, or the psychology of buying an offerer will be more limited, avoiding errors.
Thank you very much for your questions, hope you are satisfied, if not, ask more, thank you very much.

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