The five elements theory in …teaching

According to the five elements theory all things start from 5 elements. Heaven and earth have five elements (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars¬†and Saturn) – People with good virtue (Humanity, stand-up, polite, intellectuality¬†and honestly) – and happy life. Number 5 is also the King number, belonging to the earth element, in Yellow. … The number of years represents longevity and eternity …

I would like to announce the end of the opening of any class that talks about checkers starting today.

The main reason is the following:
1. I told you that I can speak at the end of August but can’t do it, embarrassed by being uncovered by a beautiful woman.
2. Ensure support time for old students, at the same time build a system of company model and the partner is the trainee.
3. Officially opening a checker company and associates in October 2019. (The company is currently in beta.)
4. Only one-on-one tutoring is offered for a high tuition fee at a workshop or office. Commit not to cheat chickens in large numbers anymore.
5.If you go to teach all the time, then you will be far from reality, the saying: “some incompetent teachers just teach” will come true. Should stop opening.

P / s: This is a trick now, the real reason is to open the hole in the face, 15 students in Saigon, 9 students are old, 15 students in Da Nang get the remaining 4 chickens. Airfares for hotel with entertainment is negative money. Making a hole who play? !!? !!!

Class opened with 80 students, the rate of 90% is a former student.

Now that I can pull 100 chickens to collect 2 billion, I will throw away the integrity and swallow all of the spit to teach.
Well, let’s try and rebuild the team to do it …

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